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Mobile/Tablet Operating System Market Share
September, 2014

The iPad's Competition - Still Small, but Growing.

The Galaxy Tab and Kindle Fire are not close to matching the iPad's usage share, but are growing.  The Galaxy Tab is at .42% mobile/tablet usage share and the Kindle Fire stands at .34% mobile/tablet usage share.  The iPad maintains it lead in tablets at 23.97% mobile/table usage share.

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Market Share of iPad iPad22.76%
Market Share of iPhone iPhone20.74%
Market Share of Android 4.4 Android 4.412.76%
Market Share of Android 4.1 Android 4.19.45%
Market Share of Android 4.2 Android 4.29.13%
Market Share of Android Android4.93%
Market Share of Android 4.3 Android 4.33.58%
Market Share of Android 4.0 Android 4.03.46%
Market Share of Android 2.3 Android 2.33.02%
Market Share of Java ME Java ME2.78%
Market Share of Symbian Symbian2.56%
Market Share of Windows Phone OS 8.0 Windows Phone OS 8.01.29%
Market Share of BlackBerry BlackBerry1.22%
Market Share of Windows Phone OS 8.1 Windows Phone OS 8.10.74%
Market Share of Windows Phone OS 7.5 Windows Phone OS 7.50.34%
Market Share of Android 2.2 Android 2.20.27%
Market Share of iPod iPod0.18%
Market Share of ipod touch ipod touch0.18%
Market Share of Galaxy Tab Galaxy Tab0.13%
Market Share of Android 3.2 Android 3.20.11%
Market Share of Kindle Fire Kindle Fire0.08%
Market Share of Nook Nook0.07%
Market Share of Android 2.1 Android 2.10.05%
Market Share of Android 3.1 Android 3.10.05%