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Archive for 2011-10-01

Google+ as a Referral Source Still Dropping

Again this month, Google+ social media referrals have dropped significantly.  However, this trend may change since Google+ has been in a restricted field test and as of September 20th, Google opened the service to the public.  Facebook dominates this category, referring over 500 times the amount of Google+ referrals

Mac Share Gets Back-to-School Bump

Mac usage share generally rises in September.  This year, Mac share rose .42% to reach 6.45% of worldwide desktop usage and 13.7% in the United States.

Usage share of Safari on the desktop gained in correlation to the gain in Mac share, passing 5% for the first time.

Microsoft's Strategy With Internet Explorer 9

Skipping XP support, Microsoft has been pushing Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7 as the best browsing experience on Windows 7 because of IE9's use of hardware acceleration and its integration with the Windows 7 user interface.  For the month of September, Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7 hit 21% worldwide usage share.

As of the end of September, Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7 reached 22.1% share worldwide and 31% in the United States. Share of worldwide browsing of Windows 7 also grew in September, passing 30% with 30.4% of worldwide browsing share