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Option Description Monthly Fee
Web Client Technology
Geolocation Upgrade
-  Worldview report

-  Geolocation segmentation (country, region, designated market area, city and postal code) and combination reports for browsers, operating systems and search engines.  Postal code segmentation is for the U.S., U.K. and Canada only.

-  Country and operating system segmentation for screen resolutions report.
Demographic Upgrade
-  Allows segmentation by demographics of browsers, operating systems and search engine reports. This segmentation is based on location and is for the U.S. only.
Mobile / Desktop / Console Segmentation Upgrade
-  Segmentation by mobile, desktop and console (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Wii, Playstation, etc.), including trending.
This also enables segmentation by platform for the browsers, operating systems and search engines reports.
Weekly Data Upgrade
-  Weekly data for browsers, operating systems and search engines. These reports support all segmentation options purchased seperately.
Browser Editions
-  This enables the browser editions report, which shows the usage share of browsers derived from other browsers (for example, Flock is a derivative of Firefox).
Company / Organization Reports
Share by Company or Organization
-  Segmentation by organization name for browsers, operating system and search engine reports.  For example, you can view operating system share for any organization with the word 'university' in it.

-  View browser, operating system and search engine usage by organization.

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Top ISPs by Country
-  Top ISPs by country.
Additional Segmentation
Search Engine Effectiveness
-  This option allows you to view metrics on how effective search engines are.  Search engine reports will include the following metrics:

1)  Time on Site - This measures how long the average visitor remains on the site after a search engine referral.  This is a measure of how relevent the search engine's results are.

2)  Page Depth - This is a measure of how many pages the average visitor accesses after a search engine referral.  It is also a measure of search engine effectiveness.

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