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Top Browser Share Trend
November, 2016 to September, 2017

Internet Explorer Gains .57% Globally in June

In May, Internet Explorer reversed its trend in the U.S. and gained usage share.  In June, the trend reversal has become global.  Internet Explorer gained .57% in June across all operating systems with Internet Explorer 8.0 gaining .86% (revised from .66% - see recent changes) globally.  The gains come primarily at the expense of Firefox (-.51%).  Chrome's pace of usage share gains slowed to +.2% for June.

The gains for IE were the largest in Europe and Asia:
Internet Explorer in Europe: +.88%
Internet Explorer in Asia: +.81%

This increase may be the result of a marketing campaign.  In early June, Microsoft launched their "Confidence" campaign aimed at showing the security features of Internet Explorer 8.

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MonthChromeSafariInternet ExplorerFirefoxMicrosoft EdgeOther
November, 201655.45%10.38%15.56%8.58%3.76%6.27%
December, 201655.19%11.75%14.54%8.47%3.73%6.32%
January, 201756.13%12.37%13.82%8.24%3.86%5.58%
February, 201757.13%11.91%13.17%8.01%3.84%5.94%
March, 201756.15%14.46%12.23%7.59%3.62%5.95%
April, 201757.02%13.48%12.12%7.66%3.66%6.06%
May, 201757.37%13.10%12.07%8.24%3.85%5.37%
June, 201757.93%13.82%11.20%8.03%3.76%5.26%
July, 201758.43%13.07%11.40%8.55%3.90%4.65%
August, 201758.49%14.23%10.21%8.09%3.70%5.28%
September, 201758.58%15.43%8.98%8.19%3.27%5.54%

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